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Please Welcome our New Warehouse in Connecticut

June 27, 2019

M.L. Ball Company, Inc. is delighted to announce the opening of a new warehouse, located in Connecticut. As we seek to grow our ever-expanding scope of field offices and distribution centers, Connecticut stands as a strategic addition to our service area. Moving forward, we’ll now be able to serve customers along the Eastern Seaboard with high-caliber service and an array of proven filter media and water treatment products—things we’re already well known for across the Southwest. From this new warehousing location, we’ll have the opportunity to cut supply times, improve product availability and expedite our supply chain across the board.... View Article

Announcing Our New Carbon Block!

June 27, 2019

M.L. Ball Company, proud to be a premier distributor of ion-exchange resin and activated carbon filters for industrial water treatment systems and power equipment. In our mission to serve the needs of businesses and governmental entities worldwide, we’re constantly pursuing new innovations in the realm of filter media and water treatment products. As a specialist in activated carbon solutions in Gwinnett County, GA, we’re delighted to announce the next revolutionary product in our repertoire: MicroBlend. We invite customers utilizing activated carbon filters to explore the many benefits of this new, highly-effective product. What is MicroBlend? MicroBlend is a low-cost,... View Article

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