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How Water Purification for Power Generation Is Evolving

November 27, 2019

Water purification is something most people are familiar with in a small capacity. You might have a deionization system in your basement or use activated carbon filters for your tap water, for example. Now, imagine water purification on a much larger scale—like for power generation. A hydroelectric plant is simply too big for these everyday household systems—yet the need for purification is still there. It begs the question: how do these facilities purify the much-needed water they use on an everyday basis? The answer is complex, and it’s critical to understand why water purification is important to begin with. Why... View Article

The Benefits of Using Activated Carbon Water Filters

October 22, 2019

Clean water plays a vital role in our everyday lives. From the water we drink, to the water we use for cleaning our dishes and our clothes, to the water used in medical, industrial and other commercial facilities, it is crucial to have water that is sufficiently clean and does not deliver any adverse effects. Activated carbon filters are perhaps the most common kind of water filtration system used in industrial settings. They are natural and come with many health benefits for users. Here are just a few examples of some of those benefits: It only removes the substances you... View Article

How Is Activated Carbon Produced?

August 31, 2019

Activated carbon is an important resource for gas and water purification. It has medical, industrial, environmental and agricultural applications. But how is activated carbon produced? Here’s an overview of the process. What It Is Activated carbon is a porous version of carbon. The surface area has holes and tunnels, so the carbon can be filled with other materials for filtering or other purposes. How It’s Made Activated carbon is created by two processes. First, pure carbon is extracted. A process called pyrolysis is used for this extraction. It is a heating method that starts with dense carbon material. The material... View Article

President Visiting Trinidad for Outreach to Customers of Ion Exchange Resin in Gwinnett County, GA

July 25, 2019

Not every company has the opportunity to establish a presence in Trinidad. However, M.L. Ball Company, Inc., a leader in activated carbon in Gwinnett County, GA, has expanded its reach far from the Georgia shoreline. Specializing in ion exchange resin in Gwinnett County, GA, the company is effectively serving customers with its Trinidad division. About M.L. Ball Company, Inc. M.L. Ball Company, Inc. is a specialist distributor of ion exchange resin in Gwinnett County, GA. The company also provides power equipment and industrial water treatment equipment to organizations around the globe. Established in 1967, the company began as a manufacturer’s... View Article

M.L. Ball Company, Inc.
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