Ion Exchange Resin Filters Custom Manufacturer

M.L. Ball Company, Inc. provides ion exchange resins for a broad range of commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment applications. Our ion exchange resin filters are suitable for separation, purification and decontamination processes at any scale. Our ion exchange resins include:

Weak acid cations

Strong base anions

Weak base anions

Mixed beds



Depending on the need for ion exchange within your water treatment process, we’re able to provide the right polymer to maximize ionization. We’ve consulted on ion exchange systems of all types and have intimate knowledge of best practice applications for ion exchange resins and polymers.

Leading Brand Name Products

Not only are we a leading ion exchange resin manufacturer, we also supply our customers with stock resins from some of the most reputable companies in the world. We’re proud to be the factory authorized representative for Dow Water & Process Solutions and their subsidiary Rohm & Haas. In addition, we offer polymers and resins from Lanxess, and Master Resin.

Resins for All Uses

Whether you’re softening water on a large scale, separating metal contaminants or operate an industrial facilities involved with juicing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing or sugar extraction, we have the right resin for you. Our familiarity with all types of ion exchange applications ensures you’re getting the perfect product, backed by insightful knowledge from our experienced team. We’re here to assure the integrity of your ionization process.

Polymers for all Applications

M.L. Ball Company, Inc. provides a broad range of ion exchange resins and polymers to guarantee your water purification system is operating efficiently and effectively. For more information about the brands and products we supply, please contact us directly at 770-447-5660. We’ll be glad to meet the needs of your specific separation, purification or decontamination process.