Announcing Our New Carbon Block!

Announcing Our New Carbon Block!

June 27, 2019

M.L. Ball Company, proud to be a premier distributor of ion-exchange resin and activated carbon filters for industrial water treatment systems and power equipment. In our mission to serve the needs of businesses and governmental entities worldwide, we’re constantly pursuing new innovations in the realm of filter media and water treatment products.

As a specialist in activated carbon solutions in Gwinnett County, GA, we’re delighted to announce the next revolutionary product in our repertoire: MicroBlend. We invite customers utilizing activated carbon filters to explore the many benefits of this new, highly-effective product.

What is MicroBlend?

MicroBlend is a low-cost, pre-blended, pre-treated combination of activated carbon designed to provide superior water purification results. A variant on our proven MasterCarb line of activated charcoal, MicroBlend takes it a step further, enabling a high degree of biological interception within commercial, industrial and municipal scale systems.

Comprehensive Microbiological Interception

In water treatment applications that demand unparalleled filter performance, MicroBlend is an exceptional activated carbon media option. It’s designed to be totally lead absorbent,as well as effective at neutralizing a broad scope of microbiological contaminants commonly found within closed water systems.

The MicroBlend block—which is made of catalytic carbon and a resilient binder—has the ability to remove chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from water, in capacities as high as 20 to 30 ppm. This makes it applicable for drinking water applications. And, because catalytic carbons have no impregnates, there’s no fear of exothermic reactions or other ignition situations. Just clean, safe water, through an activated carbon media filter capable of comprehensive microbiological interception.

Just a Carbon Block!

The beauty of MicroBlend—and the reason it’s such a revolutionary product—is that it’s so simple! We’ve taken our proprietary blend of MasterCarb activated carbon pellets and converted them into a carbon block (via extrusion molding). With the addition of a binder, there’s nothing more to it! We’ve made it simple to get the benefits of activated carbon, without other additives and components often present in filter media.

MicroBlend doesn’t rely on UV light, mercury bulbs, electric powder, ballast or quartz sleeves. Instead, it focuses on utilizing the proven benefits of catalytic carbon to their fullest effects in large-scale water treatment systems.

Consult with us Today

If you’re currently using MasterCarb products or have another activated carbon media filter solution at work in your system, contact M.L. Ball Company, to learn more about our new MicroBlend product. We’ll be happy to explain the benefits to you and help you understand why it’s a smart alternative to traditional activated carbon mediain Gwinnett County, GA.

We’re happy to serve large-scale water treatment systems at commercial, industrial and municipal levels, tailoring our solutions to the specific demands of your system. And, with distribution centers and field offices placed strategically around the Southern United States, rest assured we’re able to provide you with quick, convenient access to filter media and water treatment solutions.

Reach out to us today at 770-447-5660 to learn more about our new MicroBlend and any of the additional filter products and media we sell.

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