Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges Custom Manufacturing

M.L. Ball Company, Inc. is a worldwide leading authority on activated carbon filter cartridges. We’ve spent decades understanding the systems, applications and demands of our customers. Today we supply only the best in activated charcoal and carbon products, along with our own proprietary MasterCarb product. We promise high efficiency and effectiveness from your activated carbon purification system.


No other activated carbon manufacturer in offers a product like MasterCarb! With decades of research and practical testing, we’ve developed a product that outstrips virtually any other activated carbon filter solution on the market today.

MasterCarb is applicable for a broad range of uses and can be substituted for most purification and absorption applications relying on carbon pellets. We’re happy to advise on the improvements MasterCarb can make to the process, to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your activated carbon system.

MasterCarb is a proprietary filtration product, imported and developed by M.L. Ball Company, Inc. Standard product specifications and additional information can be obtained by contacting your regional representative or our corporate offices.

Custom Manufacturing

Please be advised that we have the ability to custom-manufacture activated carbon products to your specifications. If you have a specialty application, turnkey purification system or unique demands for an activated carbon product, we’re here to meet them. We’ve worked with customers to develop proprietary activated carbon filters and pellet for decades. We look forward to learning more about your specifications.

Superior Filtration Capabilities

As a global authority on activated carbon filters and carbon-based water purification products, M.L. Ball Company, Inc. is ready to serve you. Contact us today at 770-447-5660 to learn more about our proprietary MasterCarb technology and how it can be used to set the standard for water purification in your commercial, industrial or municipal application.