Please Welcome our New Warehouse in Connecticut

Please Welcome our New Warehouse in Connecticut

June 27, 2019

M.L. Ball Company, Inc. is delighted to announce the opening of a new warehouse, located in Connecticut. As we seek to grow our ever-expanding scope of field offices and distribution centers, Connecticut stands as a strategic addition to our service area.

Moving forward, we’ll now be able to serve customers along the Eastern Seaboard with high-caliber service and an array of proven filter media and water treatment products—things we’re already well known for across the Southwest. From this new warehousing location, we’ll have the opportunity to cut supply times, improve product availability and expedite our supply chain across the board.

M.L. Ball Company, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to introduce new customers and clientele to the broad scope of filter media and ion exchange resins in Gwinnett County, GA we’re known for. From our new Connecticut warehouse location, we’ll proudly stock and supply Activated Carbon for all of your purification and filtration needs.

We encourage new and long-time customers alike to contact their nearest field office and learn more about our approach to sales and supply. Leveraging the strategic location of our new warehouse and the proven products we’re known for, we’re looking forward to meeting your needs.

The National Scope of M.L. Ball Company, Inc.

Our new Connecticut warehouse joins a broad scope of field offices, warehouses and supply centers spanning the breadth of the contiguous United States, as well as Trinidad and Tobago. Our prominent locations include:

Birmingham, AL:
Serving Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Northwest Florida.

Baltimore, MD:
Serving West Virginia, Virginia and all points Northeast.

Houston, TX:
Serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming.

In addition to these field offices, we’re able to serve the Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and South America thanks to our location in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our goal is to continue to increase our service area scope, to better serve the needs of our clientele around the world. Our new Connecticut warehouse provides a key locale for us to stock and supply various products, thereby increasing the reach of our North American supply chain.

Let us Serve Your Water Treatment Needs

In expanding our warehousing operations into Connecticut, M.L. Ball Company, Inc. has set the stage for better, faster supply of critical water treatment products. From ion exchange resins to filter media in Gwinnett County, GA, we’re ready to supply the needs of your water treatment system at a moment’s notice, regardless of the scale.

If you have questions about M.L. Ball Company, Inc. and the products we offer or want to speak with a qualified professional about how to optimize your water treatment system, contact us today at 770-447-5660. We take immense pride in providing you with high-caliber products and actionable solutions that streamline your water treatment operations.

Again, we’re extremely pleased to announce the opening of our warehouse in Connecticut and are looking forward to serving our customers along the Eastern Seaboard with newfound quickness.

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