Reverse Osmosis & Demineralizer Supplier

reverse osmosisReverse osmosis is among the most popular and effective water purification methodologies out there. If you have an RO system or are seeking the ideal products for application-specific reverse osmosis, M.L. Ball Company, Inc. is ready to assist. Our experience with RO systems is unparalleled and the selection of products we provide is second to none.

During the reverse osmosis process, water is filtered through a membrane that has passages smaller than contaminant molecules. Some microorganisms may be small enough to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane and colonize the holding tank. We mitigate this change by providing RO filter media of the highest caliber.

RO for Maximum Purification

As a leading demineralizer supplier, our focus on RO media filters addresses any and all concerns your water supply may be facing. We’ve dealt with large scale potable water supplies, as well as reservoir systems, ensuring high-efficiency removal of all types of contaminants through the reverse osmosis process.

Reverse osmosis removes inorganic minerals such as radium, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, fluoride, boron, and phosphorous. It also helps to remove salts, certain detergents, volatile organic contaminants, some pesticides and taste- and odor-producing chemicals. We can assist you in choosing the right filter for your application based on the contaminants you’re actively seeking to remove.

Leading Brand Name Products

M.L. Ball Company, Inc. is a factory authorized representative for Dow Water & Process systems and their subsidiary company Filmtec. We also offer reverse osmosis membranes manufactured by Hydranautics and Triseps. Our dedication to cultivating a selection of reputable products from leading manufacturers means you can be sure your RO system is getting the gold standard at all times.

Get the Ideal RO Solution

Reverse osmosis systems are an ideal way to ensure superior water quality for a broad range of applications. For information about RO systems and essential peripheral products, please contact M.L. Ball Company, Inc. today at 770-447-5660. We aim to be your all-in-one supplier for RO systems and products.