As you browse our site you will see that ML Ball provides a broad spectrum of services for our clients related to specific products. These include such services as laboratory testing of Ion Exchange Resin and Activated Carbon for products including the full range of filter media.


Water Treatment Services


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Some advantages and application include:


Ion exchange products are used in a variety of applications including but not limited to:

Industrial water demineralization and softening, waste water recycling, hot softening, and separate or mixed beds.


Among the advantages of the Rohm & Haas / Dow products are:

Flexible operation, low volume of waste, constant treated water quality, high water recovery, and ultimate treated water quality.

Engineering Services

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Product type and specifications include:


Power & Steam Services

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RO Membranes and applications:

Reverse osmosis removes inorganic minerals such as radium, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, fluoride, boron, and phosphorous. It also helps to remove salts, certain detergents, volatile organic contaminants, some pesticides, and taste- and odor-producing chemicals.

Water is filtered through a membrane that has passages smaller than the contaminant molecules. Some microorganisms may be small enough to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane and colonize the holding tank.

Custom Skid Mounted Systems

One of the services most often overlooked is our design and construction of skid based custom systems. You can see from our product list that we offer all the individual components that you need to meet your needs. Why not tell us exactly what you want the system to do and let us design, assemble and install that system for you? No longer do you have to deal with multiple resources - The engineering staff of ML Ball stands ready to design the specific system that will meet your needs. Please contact Greg Smith in our Atlanta office for more information.

Whether you want a totally enclosed system such as this one that we recently designed:

Or a more traditional skid-based systems that incorporates a wide variety of the products that we sell in a turnkey package designed to meet your specific needs:


All about water treatment, engineering, and power & steam

M. L. Ball Company offers a broad range of services as related to specific products. For more information on our services. we encourage you to contact us.

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