We are proud to be the factory authorized representative for a broad spectrum of products. In addition to the products that we represent for other manufacturers we also handle our own series of Activated Carbon products - MasterCarb.


Ion Exchange Resin

We are proud to be the factory authorized representative for Dow Water & Process Solutions and their subsidiary Rohm & Haas. Ion Exchange Resin: Also provides, Dow, Lanxess, and Master Resin.

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Activated Carbon

MasterCarb is a proprietary filtration product which is imported and developed by ML Ball. The standard product specifications are listed below and additional information can be obtained by contacting your regional ML Ball representative our our corporate offices. Please be advised that we also have the ability to custom manufacture product to your specifications.

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Demineralizers & Deaerators

MLBALL Works with OEM capable of providing new equipment such as demineralizers, reverse osmosis, pre-filtration, deaerators, and other components used for boiler feed water and other industrial water applications.

As well as providing new equipment, we can consult on existing operations to maximize efficiency and provide upgrades and retrofits to existing equipment.


Filter Media

At ML Ball we can fulfill all your needs for filter media including but not limited to sand, gravel, anthracite, and garnet. As each clients needs are unique we invite you to contact us to determine the details of your needs and how we can best meet them.

Sand, Gravel, and Anthracite


Activated Carbon as an Application


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Some advantages and application include:



Reverse Osmosis

ML Ball is a factory authorized representative for Dow Water & Process systems and their subsidiary company - Filmtec. We also offer reverse osmosis membranes manufactured by Hydranautics and Triseps.

RO Membranes and applications:

Reverse osmosis removes inorganic minerals such as radium, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, fluoride, boron, and phosphorous. It also helps to remove salts, certain detergents, volatile organic contaminants, some pesticides, and taste- and odor-producing chemicals.

Water is filtered through a membrane that has passages smaller than the contaminant molecules. Some microorganisms may be small enough to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane and colonize the holding tank.

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