ML Ball has represented Milton Roy products for decades and we are proud to offer their industry leading chemical metering & feed system pumps to our clients.  We are authorized to sell the MRoy, MilRoyal, and Roytrinics products.

These pumps are each designed to meet a specific need:

Series A Metering Pump
This pump offers a robust design, control options and improved electro-magnetics to meet all flow / pressure ratings. The pumps are available for applications up to 250 psi with capacities between .001 and 2.0 GPH. Single or dual manual control options with pulse input or 4-20 mA input are available. The line includes ferrule designed fittings that set a new standard for secure, leak-proof tubing connections

Series B & C Chemical Metering Pumps
These pumps have been the industry standard for over 2 decades.  The familiar yellow & black pumps are known for their rugged, totally enclosed & chemically resistant housings for use in the the most harsh of environments.  Incorporating encapsulated electronics, rigid housing & stroke brake they ensure many years of precise, repeatable performance.

Series P Chemical Metering Pumps
The Series P Metering Pump is designed for more economical chemical injection. The totally enclosed, chemically resistant housing and encapsulated electronics provide the performance and long life that you've come to expect from a Milton Roy Pump. The compact size and wide range of outputs makes it ideal for OEM applications. Dual manual control of stroke speed and length and fixed speed versions are available for simple manual or on/off control.

Type 9 Chemical Feed System Pump
This control is designed for easy integration into chemical feed systems. The stroke rate may be controlled manually or by an external signal generated by a flowmeter, controller, transmitter, PLC or other device. Divide or multiply a digital (pulse) input or program a response to a milliamp (4-20, 0-20, 20-4, 20-0) input. Remote on/off and low level inputs are standard. The clear liquid crystal display provides the user with operational status. The unique 5-level power control reduces system shock and extends the life of the pump. The optional Digi-Pulse Flow Monitor verifies chemical flow and provides an alarm output.

Type 7 Chemical Feed System Pump
This control is designed for more economical systems. The stroke rate may be controlled manually or by a digital input. The optional Micropace Control Modules enable the user to divide or multiply a digital input or respond directly and proportionally to a 4 - 20 milliamp input. A low level input is standard.

Type 1 Chemical Feed System Pump
This device is designed for accurate chemical feed where manual or on/off control is all that is required. Dual manual control of stroke speed and stroke length are provided.

To determine exactly which of these pumps will meet your specific needs please contact either your regional ML Ball representative or our corporate offices.  Please note that we also provide repair services for Milton Roy pumps.

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